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Entrepreneurship Insights: Financial Literacy & Growing a Startup with Beatvest’s Co-Founder | People’s Stories

Episode 27

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Today we dive deep with Julia Kruslin the co-founder of beatvest, exploring a diverse range of topics crucial for both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs. We discuss the pivotal role of financial education, and the nuanced use of social media and its impact on us.

Our conversation also covers the essentials of entrepreneurship—from effective networking and fundraising strategies to creative approaches for naming your startup. Moreover, we delve into the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship, highlighting what makes the journey rewarding.

A significant focus of our discussion is on the importance of financial literacy. We explore how even small, disciplined investments can make a substantial difference in one’s financial wellbeing, underscoring beatvest’s mission to democratize investing.

Tune in to gain valuable insights that could transform your entrepreneurial path and financial strategies.

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Episode 27