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Shubham Khokher’s Odyssey: From Jodhpur to IIT Bombay and Beyond

Episode 25

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Discover how Shubham Khokher, a tenacious young man from Jodhpur, navigated his way to the prestigious halls of IIT Bombay, a tale of overcoming academic challenges and personal setbacks. His story isn’t just a roadmap for students aiming for competitive exams but also a beacon of motivation for entrepreneurs hungry to push through barriers.

Today, Shubham stands as the Head of Growth at, showing us that with resilience and support, one can indeed turn dreams into reality. Journey with us through the grueling preparation for the IIT entrance exams as we peel back the layers of academic rigor and family dynamics that shape the destinies of IIT aspirants. We offer a candid look at the coaching industry, insights that can make or break a student’s career, and the balancing act of discipline and passion needed to succeed. Shubham shares his personal strategies, revealing the discipline and dedication required to tackle such a monumental task. As we wrap up our time with Shubham, we explore the exciting trajectory of, from its roots in India to its expansion across the globe. Learn about the strategic innovations that are setting the platform apart, including the intriguing possibility of podcast integration. Shubham’s story is more than a narrative of his own success—it’s a testament to the power of staying true to one’s path, no matter the obstacles. Join us for a heartfelt reflection on ambition, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of one’s goals.

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Episode 25