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Your Money, Your Future: Navigating Compensation and Benefits Like a Pro

Episode 21

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Join us for an enlightening journey into the realm of Compensation and Benefits with our guest, Tobias Brinck, Head of Compensation and Benefits at Kry

In this episode, Tobias shares his wealth of experience, from the impact of AI in the industry to the challenges of Compensation and Benefits in mergers and acquisitions. You’ll gain insights into the responsibilities employers have towards their employees, the evolving trends in workplace benefits, and career advice that’s pure gold for anyone in this field.

Plus, we delve into Tobias’s passion for football and how it’s shaped his professional life, adding a fun twist to the conversation!

If you’re already in the field, looking to break in, or simply curious about what makes Compensation and Benefits tick, this episode has something for you. Don’t miss it! Tune in to People’s Stories now!

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Episode 21