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Eden Whitcomb: Professional People Connector & External Technical Recruiter

Episode 14

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Today’s episode is part 2 of the earlier series where we are excited to share studio with Eden Whitcomb who owns an external recruitment firm in the UK and is a passionate People Connector.
In this episode we have discussed many aspects of Eden’s story with a focus on his professional life and journey as well as the guiding pillars that define his work style:

Some take aways or topics you might pick up from this episode are:

1️⃣ The true #powerofcommunity and how it becomes your strength
2️⃣ Chat GPT is not a threat but a way to elevate our #workexperience
3️⃣ The difference between 360 Recruitment vs 180 Recruitment processes
4️⃣ How would a typical day of an external recruiter/business owner looks like?
5️⃣ Work life balance – is it a myth?
6️⃣ External Recruiter vs Internal Recruiter and the joint career paths
7️⃣ Secret to success in handling high pressure, KPI driven roles
8️⃣ The art of leveraging from your past learnings
9️⃣ Self Pressure and how to tackle it?
🔟 Always remember, you might not realise the impact you create

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Episode 14